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When senior living in Hinsdale examines the cost of poverty on the aging generation, many correlations are found between quality of care available to these seniors, treatment approaches, and prognoses. Seniors that live in poverty- or below the standard income level guidelines outlined by the US Government- may find correlations between their health and income. Having money does have its advantages and, unfortunately, this is often closely connected to the quality of healthcare afforded them. Don’t go without the professional practitioners that you need to overcome existing health issues, gain relief from chronic conditions, or prevent future problems; reach out to Senior Living Experts for a list of providers near you.

Senior living in Hinsdale examines the cost of poverty on the aging generation

Poverty does impact the overall health and well-being of individuals in this country and could contribute to longevity and lifespan in those with chronic conditions. Talk with practitioners in your area to pinpoint resources to augment your existing medical coverage and increase your access to available services.Some things that impact the overall health of seniors living in poverty include:


Money may not buy happiness, but it definitely can improve channels of access to healthcare, services, and providers. For those that lack financial resources, there are different approaches available through municipal, state, and governmental programs; ask your provider for more information.

Preventative care

When someone is living in poverty, it is possible that there will be some deficiencies in preventative care. A lack of resources could lead to delaying medical treatment, which also impacts the expediency of the diagnosis and treatment options. This could exacerbate a chronic condition, or cause complications later.


If an individual has to make a choice between rent and groceries, or simply can’t afford healthful, nutritious food, their health may take a toll. Good nutrition and adequate vitamins can help fend-off many medical issues and problems that can come from an imbalanced or unhealthy diet. There are food programs available in many regions to supplement the daily nutrition of seniors in their jurisdiction; this might be something your provider, practitioner, or caregiver can assist with.


Face- it: money can cause stress, and a lack of money for bills, food, or everyday expenses can wreak havoc on anyone with or without pre-existing medical issues. In fact, money is the primary cause of stress in over 70% of reported cases. Stress can exacerbate and perpetuate many serious health risks, from insomnia and mood disorders, to stroke and heart attack. Some ways to help put seniors’ minds to ease a bit when money has them down include these suggestions:

  • Try talking to them openly, but don’t lecture or shame them regarding money. Remind them that most people struggle with finances, so they are not alone.
  • Bring a few groceries or things that you know your senior will use, rather than offering money, which could hurt their pride.
  • Reassure them that their needs will be met. Fear and worry can turn to depression.

Ask the senior’s provider for information related to any programs that could help with things like groceries or home repairs, such as fixing a leaking roof. Does the senior belong to a church? Often-times, churches will step-in to offer support and financial relief for things that parishioners need.

Long-term planning

Seniors should make sure to have advanced-directives in order, outlining the type of care they prefer in the event they are unable to make their own choices. The options in palliative care, hospice, assisted living availability, and skilled nursing provisions are limited for those lacking insurance or resources to cover them. There are programs and plans to help make accommodations more accessible, so speak with your provider or community case managers for more information.Clearly, financial hurdles can impact medical care, which subsequently effects overall health and well-being in many instances. Seniors living on fixed-incomes are most at-risk of neglecting chronic conditions, overlooking symptoms, or being misdiagnosed when they face obstacles of visiting healthcare providers. Long-term planning may help provide assurance of more options later, though this may not be vital for those struggling to live from paycheck-to-paycheck.

Poverty contributes to and exacerbates medical issues and health problems

It is easy to see the effects that poverty has on well-being and how it can impact prognoses, particularly for the senior population. Utilize resources available to augment and supplement your healthcare team, and ask providers for referrals as needed. Don’t have a doctor or geriatric practitioner? Find options near Hinsdale with a little online research.Poverty can shorten your lifespan; talk with the professionals at Senior Living Experts to find the care and resources that you need now for chronic health conditions, medical issues, and incidental injuries. There may be services available to help you better manage your care and improve your quality of life, overall.

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