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Honoring our veterans daily includes providing accessibility- wherever they want to go. Some other ways to pay tribute include assessing needs, providing support, and facilitating autonomy.

Ways that we honor our veterans daily:

Veteran’s Day should serve to bring attention to the unmet needs of this population in society today. While many suffer in silence, their sacrifices for future generations should not be overlooked or ignored. Simple gestures and a support network can mean a lot to a senior that has served.


Doesn’t everyone deserve to get around their home and property safely? Increasing the access of a veteran to his or her home with ramps, lifts, or transport equipment seems like a reasonable accommodation. Check with mobility professionals through online resources for accessibility solutions to suit the individual’s home environment, personal preferences, and needs.


Speaking of needs, a thorough assessment of needs can point toward practitioners, services, and support networks that are of great use to a veteran, particularly seniors with mobility needs or medical issues. Completing these initial assessments via an online tool could be the most convenient and discreet approach for those living alone or that have challenges associated with seeking support at a brick-and-mortar office.


Don’t thank a veteran for service with shoddy service provision or products; seek quality care for seniors, whether it be looking for mobility aids and devices or seeking a reputable practitioner in the area. Online networks can make information concise, clear, and convenient to access- from the comfort of home! These data banks can create tangible leads and contact information for whatever services the senior needs while providing tech support as needed along the way.


Veterans deserve the attention and support of all of us. Their sacrifices deserve a little extra time, effort, and energy, and online resources may reveal some much-needed options and services that can improve these fine folks’ quality of life. While many may not mention their service or laud their achievements, society-as-a-whole should strive to recognize, honor, and celebrate this.


Veterans often crave autonomy and prefer to be self-sufficient, which may prohibit intervention from case managers or caregivers. Seniors can seek out their own services, appointments, and providers online, which preserves their dignity and autonomy, allowing them the freedom to choose what they wish. This also makes support just a computer-key away, which can be reassuring for veterans- and all seniors- who are in dire need of assistance.

Observe Veterans Day this November

Make Veterans Day more meaningful this year; consider the underlying theme and contemplate where you might be without the sacrifices of the US Armed Forces. As mentioned, it is often the simplest things that mean the most to a senior, whether that be a friendly hello or an offer of assistance. Do something for someone that has done something for you and all you love- a veteran.A few things you can do to honor and observe this holiday include:

  • Give a veteran a ride to an appointment or errand. Better yet, take a leisurely drive and check out the scenery!
  • Plant a tree, donate some money, or give back in honor of someone that has served.
  • Spend a few minutes simply talking with an older person, such as a neighbor, coworker, or relative.
  • Display the American flag with pride! According to the American Legion, it is suitable and respectful to hang a flag at full-mast on Veterans Day.
  • Take some time to visit a cemetery or gravesite to clean, clear, and tidy-up in honor of the deceased. Wipe moss from any stone and plant some flowers, if possible; contribute generously to the cemetery associations that take care of veterans’ burial sites for posterity.

You will not always know when a senior is in need and may find that they benefit from some gentle and respectful offers of assistance. Many may also find that the library is a comfortable place to access online resources with support staff close-by, in the event they lack internet access or computer savvy.Create a supportive network for a veteran or senior that you care about with the online ease and access provided by Senior Living Experts. Whether a veteran is looking for a hot meal or a senior needs a ride to her doctor’s appointment, this online resource can provide the clear, concise information needed to preserve and maintain a quality of life throughout the lifespan.

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