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I find this article equally hopeful and disgusting.  An odd combo, I agree.  How sad to think of Evelyn Coke giving her life to the care of others only to be forgotten when help was most needed.  And to think of all the Caregivers in our Nation giving so much of their time to aid another and living a constant struggle in their day to day just to get their basics.  These are the realities in our Nation that make me naseaous and ashamed.   However, I must remain hopeful!  Good always prevails and I believe our Nation is made of some amazing people that in are positions to make changes for the greater good.  Changes like making sure our Caregivers are taken care of; if only to be given, at the very least, the luxury of PAID OVERTIME during a 70 hr work week!  I thank you for listening to my rant.  I hope you enjoy the slightly cooler temps today!  

Home care workers deserve protections

By Catherine Ruckelshaus, Special to CNN

Mon June 11, 2012

 (CNN) -- Five years ago Monday, the Supreme Court dealt a devastating blow to a hardworking woman from Queens, New York.

Evelyn Coke, a single mother of five and immigrant from Jamaica, worked nearly every day for more than two decades in the homes of the elderly and the infirm, feeding, bathing, carrying them, administering their medications and tending to their needs.


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