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Earlier this week I had the pleasure of attending a conference in California.  Turned out to be very nice, and not just because I got to escape the snow and the cold of Chicago.  I also got to meet a bunch of neat people from all over the country who love seniors and happen to work in the senior living industry like me.

One of the speakers told us about a man named David Solie, who has written a book called "How To Say It To Seniors."  We learned a lot about his views on how to communicate with our parents about tough choices, especially when it comes to senior living.

One thing we learned is that seniors don't want to give up control.  They are losing control of so many things right now and when we bring up losing control over the one thing they may still have control of (their home) the answer is going to be NO!

We also learned about building a legacy with the seniors.  I love doing this when I meet new seniors.  But often times we forget to do this with the seniors in our family. 

I really enjoyed listening to his CD and I just recently visited his website.  He has a great article on their called "Communicating Tough Choices to Aging Parents" that I thought all of us would find extremely helpful.

Once you read that you may want to visit some of his other articles and tips on closing the communication gap.  Enjoy!

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