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With Spring around the corner, albeit a little further than we like at the moment, it's still good to think about getting back outside and being active!  I know I've been already dreaming of this, so today we bring you a guest blogger who's main focus are seniors and wellness.  

5Tricks to Stay Active at Retirement

 written by  Andy, Patient Handling Australia

Whowould not want retirement? It means freedom. No more morning rush hours, reportdeadlines, work pressures and taunting faces of superiors. Another good thingis that retired people nowadays live longer and stay active. Retiring is notanymore about rocking chairs or watching TV. People already know the importanceof staying physically active in health and wellness. It is fortunate to haveplenty of ways to stay active at retirement. The following are just five of them.

1.      Have an Active Hobby

Mindyour health by engaging in an active hobby that you are interested about andcould keep you physically and mentally moving. Either you go for a sport thatyou have been passionate about or join a photography class or group naturewalks. The activities you enjoy would take away boredom. Doing so would be goodfor your health and because it is something that you love doing, it would beeasy. Then you shall have longer years to pursue your passion.

2.      Go Outdoors

Ifyou have just been an office body all those working years, it is great toexplore the outdoors this time. You will feel great inner joy. Find a nearbyfitness or nature trail during the morning to walk in for exercise whileenjoying the tranquility and beauty of nature. Watch the sun come up and savorfresh air. Outdoor recreational activities can be fun like hiking, tennis orminiature golf. You may also start a backyard garden. Watching your plants growwould be very inspiring and fulfilling.

3.      Travel

Theremust be places that you dream of visiting. Now is the opportune time asretirement is a chance to see the world. Visit a favorite place each year.Travel hubs that will keep you moving are better. Join “adventure” vacationsthat let you try kayaking or canoeing. Visit the beaches for a swim and walkalong the shorelines. Have a spa vacation or maybe a fitness retreat where youcan do exercise, join yoga classes, eat nutritious food and get pampered.

4.      Hang Out with Active People

Beclose friends with active people and plan outings. Having the same outlook, youmay agree and enjoy bowling, croquet and golf together. Even playing insomebody else’ back yard can already be fun. Being with active and positivepeople is encouraging and motivating to keep up with staying fit and healthy.

5.      Volunteer

Picka cause you are passionate about and volunteer to be of service to that cause.For example, you may volunteer walking dogs of the humane society at yourlocality or help at an animal shelter. If you can do carpentry works or aregood at handling nails and a hammer, utilize them by building or repairing somehomes through Global Village or Habitat for Humanity. Volunteering for a causenot only is being active in the community but also mind-challenging and helpingothers. It is good for both the body and spirit.


Andyis an active blogger in the senior and aged care community, where hecontributed numerous articles. Aside from blogging, Andy distributes rollators and walking frames as well as a wide range of aged care products.


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