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Do you have trouble finding gifts for assisted living residents that are useful and appreciated? These ideas are helpful for any time of year; the holidays, birthdays, or simply to say “I’m thinking of you.”

Affordable Gifts for Assisted Living Residents

  • Photo Calendar – Creating calendars with pictures of friends and family is one way to help your loved one “see” everyone on a daily basis. This can be especially helpful for those with dementia or who have family that lives out of town. Walgreens, Wal-Mart, local photography shops & online photo shops all offer a variety of calendar options.
  • Coupons for Time – The most precious gift you can give anyone is the gift of time. Create coupons for free using various online sites. (Here is one site that has some already created ideas for different types of coupons. Here’s a family crafting site that offers some templates & ideas.)
  • Activity Books – Adult coloring books, large print word searches, puzzle books or other activities that would keep them busy and interested. Researchers have basically agreed that keeping the mind active helps you age well.
  • Writing Supplies – A gift box of paper, pens, stamps, blank cards, and envelopes can help assisted living residents keep in touch with friends and family. Jotting a simple letter or message not only helps keep them connected but will most likely put a smile on the face of whomever receives the thoughtful words. Who doesn’t love getting something in the mail that’s NOT a bill?!
  • Theme Baskets – Create a basket of any size with a theme in mind. Themes to consider include; personal toiletries, snacks, crafting supplies, paperbacks, or anything that you think they would enjoy.

Technology Gifts for Assisted Living Residents

It’s important that you not only set up tech gifts but spend a little time teaching them how to use it. Install “safety features” to avoid accidental purchases, etc.

  • Digital Photo Frame – Digital photo frames are always nice. Best Buy offers some starting around $35 online; while you may find some less expensive versions elsewhere.
  • eReader – You may think that an eReader wouldn’t be accepted by seniors; however, many find that they enjoy them after giving them a try. (Local libraries often offer free eBooks & most readers have free resources available – check Barnes & Noble, Amazon & other online sites)
  • MP3 Player – You can find inexpensive MP3 players to load on music that they would enjoy. The benefits of music can be quite amazing.

Clothing Gift Ideas

Think comfort and safety when you purchase clothing.

  • Bathrobe – After a shower and settling in for the night they may decide to go out and participate in a scheduled event. A bathrobe allows them to feel covered up while still in comfortable nightwear.
  • Non-Skid Slippers – Replace worn and torn slippers for safety sake. Make sure they are well built with non-skid bottoms.
  • Pajamas – Comfort is always appreciated and a soft set of pajamas are always make great gifts for assisted living residents.

Financial Gifts

  • Spending Account – Many residences have personal flexible spending accounts that allow them to make purchases on their own. Adding money to this account can ensure that the money is safe and applies to something they can use or enjoy.
  • Hair Care Certificate – Some senior living residences have in-house hair salons or barber shops. Pay for a visit to be used when they want or purchase a gift certificate to their favorite offsite hair facility or spa.
  • Extra Bill – Some extras such as cable or even utilities may be billed separately, depending upon the type of senior living facility. You can always put money on their account to help them out financially.

Because Senior Living Experts offers assistance in finding the right senior living facilities for your loved one, we want to be sure they remain happy once they’re moved in! Gifts for assisted living residents are always a great way to bring a smile to their face, any time of year. Photo by basykes

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