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Visit www.dividedwefail.orgto join with millions of other Americans to support candidates whowill give us action, answers and accountability on health and lifetimefinancial security. We need to elect leaders who will end the gridlockin Washington and get things done.Join us in our cause by pledging to:

  • Vote for candidates who will ensure that all Americans have access to affordable, quality health care.
  • Vote for candidates who will ensure that all Americans have peace ofmind about their long-term financial security—with a real plan ofaction, and a real commitment to the American people.
  • Vote for candidates who are specific about what they’ll do and how, and who stop speaking in generalities.

Use your vote to deliver the message that the time to address these problems is now.We believe that candidates owe us action, answers and accountability,and they must commit to delivering long-term, lasting solutions ifelected.

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