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There are a number of different types of senior living opportunities available and it can be confusing if you’re trying to figure out what type you need. Senior Living Experts specializes in not only helping you determine the type of living that fits your needs best but, in helping you determine how to get the best fit for your money.

Types of Senior Living Available

The first step in finding the right type of living for you is to understand the types of senior living available. Let’s discuss what each type consists of:

  • Assisted Living – Often thought of as the best way to remain independent with some help in everyday living tasks; assisted living offers the privacy of being in your own apartment or room with assistance to ensure health and safety. Senior Living Experts can help you determine if assisted living would fit the needs you have or if you need more or less help to stay safe, healthy and live a comfortable life.
  • Retirement Living – Senior living for those who remain independent but enjoy being active with others with like interests; retirement living can offer a number of amenities that makes your life comfortable while maintaining a level of independence. You can often choose from a list of various amenities that you enjoy in an a la carte type of style and usually offer community style living that encompasses focusing on quality of life with independence.
  • Independent Living – This is a step below assisted living and geared towards anyone 55 and older. Independent living allows for apartment, single housing, condominium, and townhouse styles of living with minimal to no assistance from outside sources. Generally, any in-home care is provided by an outside resource such as a professional caregiving service and is not included in your overall housing costs.
  • supportive living facilities – State funded living facilities that will serve the needs of residents while taking into consideration debilitating diseases, medical issues, and end of life situations that need a medical focus. Usually, these facilities can accommodate people of various ages and focus on quality health care while living comfortably and safely. We can help you determine which supportive living facilities you or your loved one best serves your needs and help you get paperwork in order to ensure a smooth ride.
  • Nursing Home and Skilled Care Facilities – These types of facilities can be used as both long term and short-term care facilities and may serve as intermittent care for someone who is rehabilitating. They offer 24 hour care services and medical attention while also focusing on residents being comfortable, safe, and receiving therapies to either get well or limit debilitation due to medical issues.
  • Dementia Care Units – Focusing on those who have dementia due to any reason, including Alzheimer’s; dementia care units may sometimes also be referred to as: Lockdown Units, Alzheimer’s Units, memory care facilities and more. Some nursing homes can also serve as dementia care units, safely keeping residents under observance while attending to their needs.

Senior Living Experts can help you find safe and helpful living environments for you or the seniors in your life. Whether it’s helping you find what types of senior living facilities are available in your budget or determining which type of facility would serve your needs best, we are here to help. Original Photo by geralt (Pixabay) - updated with wording

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