Meals To Hospitals

What better way to support our locals? These last 2 weeks, our Advisors Kerry Quirin, Rebecca Donze, and Nancy Pappas have been delivering meals to nurses at Chicagoland hospitals. We've been extra careful to not only provide meals to the nurses during the day shift, but also the night shift. This week, we partnered with Mojo's East Coast Eats.

We're Not the Only Ones Helping Doctors and Nurses!

Here, Western Suburbs Advisor Kerry Quirin talks about all the wonderful ways the average Chicagoland person has been helping. From PPE to other gifts and food, these communities have received so much support![video width="400" height="224" mp4=""][/video]You may have a question then: is it safe, or even is it worth it to move a senior living community?

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