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Family members are torn between wanting to keep their parents in their homes and the need to move them to an assisted living facility. When is the best time to consider assisted living in Chicagoland? You have to face the reality that your parents are getting older by the day. And the older they get, the more they’ll need to be assisted. This is the unfortunate part of aging.

If leaving your parents at home worries you, then it’s high time you check assisted living communities in your area. Assisted living communities offer the best support that is guaranteed to cater to the needs of your loved ones.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Assisted Living Communities

What Is Assisted Living?

The best description for assisted living is a supportive community for the elderly. It’s a unique living option that helps promote senior independence while preserving their dignity in a safe environment. These facilities are fully equipped to give seniors a comfortable and homey place to stay.

Professional assistance is available 24/7. This assurance will ease your worries, knowing that help is provided whenever needed. Assisted living services include medication management, evening care, laundry, incontinence assistance, bathing, dressing, etc. The care plan designed for your loved ones is tailor-made to suit their preferences and unique needs.  

Family members fear that leaving their aging parents in assisted living communities will make the elderly feel isolated and depressed. On the contrary, surveys show that residents feel more alive than ever because they get the chance to interact with other residents socially. In addition, these communities have well-established programs that encourage residents’ active participation.

Assisted living is an excellent option for seniors who don’t want to live alone and require professional help. Instead of being institutionalized, they’ll be housed in private apartments while receiving laundry services, housekeeping, meal plans, and maintenance. And the best part is they have full access to the community’s modern amenities. It’s like being on vacation 24/7.

This type of community is ideal for seniors who don’t require extensive medical care but only added support with their activities of daily living and personal care. It’s also suitable for the elderly who have memory gaps since living alone makes it unsafe for them.

What Makes Assisted Living Different from Nursing Homes?  

Everyone is more familiar with nursing homes, so they often mistake a nursing home for an assisted living community. These two are different in multiple ways. In assisted living, independence is encouraged as much as possible. Residents get to live in private apartments that they can decorate as they please.

They also get to choose what meals they want and have the liberty to decide what activities they’ll join. The elderly have complete control over how they are going to enjoy their day.  

On the other hand, a nursing home is an institutionalized setting designed to care for sick seniors. The seniors receive 24/7 skilled nursing care. As a result, the place is more clinical than the homey and warm vibe of assisted living.

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How Much Are You Going to Pay for Assisted Living?

The cost of these communities depends on your location, the size and type of rental apartment you’re getting, and the level of care your loved ones need. Some residents opt for additional services, and this will add up to the overall cost.

The average cost of assisted living is between can vary depending on amenities, care, and location. Patients with disabilities, like those who have Alzheimer’s, will have to pay more for special memory care.  

A nursing home is more expensive than assisted living communities because the residents receive specialized care.  

Who Qualifies for Assisted Living?

One of the questions family members want to know is whether or not their parents are good candidates for assisted living. Assisted living is the perfect place for the aging population. The residents do not need specialized care if it’s not necessary – and can get assistance with daily tasks such as meals, housecleaning medication, dressing, monitoring, etc.

Most adult children will eventually move out of their homes to build their own families, leaving their aging parents behind. Sadly, seniors are no longer as strong and agile as they used to be, unlike their younger years. As a result, they become prone to falls and injuries.

By this time, there should be someone in the home to look after them. If you can’t make that commitment, your parents might be better off in assisted living communities where they can thrive and practice their independence. It’s a win-win case for you and your loved ones.

You get to have peace of mind knowing that they’re safe, and you won’t feel guilty for living your own life while your parents get the assistance they need to improve their quality of life.  

What are the Benefits of Assisted Living?

Research shows that seniors in assisted living communities are happier than when they were in their own homes. Here’s why.

#1 Companionship  

Assisted living communities are designed to make the elderly feel at home. The place has a warm and homey vibe, unlike clinical nursing homes. One of the things seniors love about these communities is the companionship. Through the activities, they can engage, interact, and socialize with other residents and staff. Over time, they develop long-lasting friendships with other people.

#2 Personal Wellness

The staff of assisted living communities is trained and skilled to help the elderly. One example is medication management. The team monitors and keeps track of the dosages, frequency, and any adverse reactions to the medications.  

In addition, they update the family members about any concerns regarding the medication while keeping an open communication line with the resident’s physician.

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Are You Looking for an Assisted Living in Chicagoland?

The options may seem overwhelming, but don’t worry, we can help you! At Senior Living Experts, our advisors will work closely with you and your family to help you find the best community for your aging parents.  

We have been working with over 230 communities, and we’ve helped hundreds of seniors live better and more comfortable lives with the array of options we offer. Call us today to learn more about assisted living and nursing homes.

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