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Sept 11, 2010 - We had a new location - in lovely Lincoln Park - but our old familiar friend, the rain joined us even though we did not invite it!Once again, the rain did not stop thousands of people from showing up to show their support and to raise some money! So far the walk has raised $564,281.00!! Over half a million dollars!I have included a few photos from the event. I want to give the award for the best Memory Walk Team name to Team Edward below! Wonder if they are vampires? Vampires like rainy days don't they? At least that was one of my take-aways from reading the Twilight Series... anyhow...Next we have a photo of Paula Levy from AP Lifeline and I dancing with a brain - from Marbles, the Brain Store. See, you can have fun in the rain if you set your mind to it!This is a photo of Rachelle Blough and I - Rachelle runs one of the BEST memory programs in the area at Lexington. I used to work with her at Sunrise and I think she is so outrageously good at what she does. Amazing person! Nice taste in hats as well.This is a photo of Melissa Trinidad from St. Joseph's Village in Chicago. Next to her is Susan Scatchell from A-Abiding Care. She had the big job of helping to organize the event. As a person who held that job on the memory walk committee for several years - I can tell you it is quite a responsibility. I think she did an excellent job - organized so many side events to raise money, I could hardly keep up. Great work Susan!And at this point, I was soaked. This was just before the walk started and I had already been there helping to set up since around 6am. I have no idea who this is. But he's cute and I can't imagine having to dry that outfit...Let me know if you have any other fun pictures to share with everyone and I will post them!! Thank you to everyone who came out and participated... See you next year!

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