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Chicago area patients know we owe a debt of gratitude to assisted living facilities, including appreciation for communal, economic, and familial reasons.It is estimated that one-million people reside in senior care facilities and this number is projected to double by the year 2030 according to resources in the industry. Assisted living facilities do a lot more than simply provide housing for seniors in the community; these institutions are benchmarks in many regions, setting high standards and preserving autonomy for patients who live there. If you are contemplating a move to a supportive living environment for you or someone you care about, reach out to Senior Living Experts for a needs-assessment and potential resources in your area.

Assisted living facilities do a lot for seniors and caregivers in the community

Assisted living facilities offer a supportive environment for seniors who want to maintain their independence, but that still benefit from some assistance with ADLs, or activities of daily living such as dressing, eating, bathing, and grooming. Assisted living facilities also offer respite services, which can provide overwhelmed caregivers, loved ones, and family members with the break and time-away that they deserve and need.Some other ways that assisted living facilities serve their communities are:

They make good neighbors

If you think about it, assisted living facilities make very good neighbors. These are typically managed properties that are well-kept, neat, clean, with curb appeal to attract prospective residents and caregivers. Who wouldn’t want a neighbor like that? While there are, sadly, always exceptions to the rule, assisted living communities are great neighbors for anyone to have next-door.

They contribute to the economy

Assisted living facilities contribute positively to the local economy and have a favorable economic impact on the community that they are located in. The US Department of Labor estimates that healthcare jobs, such as those in assisted-living facilities, will comprise around 28% of new jobs between now and 2020. It is further approximated that skilled-nursing care facilities employ around 1.6 million people and generates around $200 billion in economic activity. These staffers, supervisors, and caregivers are spending time, money, and resources in the community, which in-turn, effects the local economy and subsequently creates more jobs, opportunities, and revenues.

They offer volunteer opportunities

assisted living facilities frequently offer volunteering opportunities, and in fact, many rely heavily on their volunteers for creating programs, activities, and recreation for their residents. Start early by fostering a sense of altruism and volunteer-spirit in young children; visit an assisted living facility in your region to see how you might help and become part of this community.

They foster interactions among the generations

These types of facilities are also effective at providing a place for intergenerational interactions. These environments often foster relations with local schools to engage children in activities with seniors; some facilities may provide an ‘adopt-a-grandparent’ type event that provides joy and socialization for young and old alike, particularly for seniors that don’t have or see their own grandchildren. Socialization is key for healthy aging, helping to ward-off depression, loneliness, and even dementia.

They encourage seniors to age-in-place

Not everyone over the age of 65 is ready for a skilled-nursing bed; assisted living facilities provide the perfect living situation for seniors to age-in-place, receiving support for what they need while encouraging autonomy and independence. Assisted living also provides respite to caregivers, so that seniors rehabilitating from an accident or injury can return home safely and imminently. Assisted living facilities offer an alternative residence for seniors that need support that is still near family friends, churches, and familiar surroundings without the need to move to a new area for care, which can be very disheartening and even-frightening for many older individuals.

Chicago area patients know we owe a debt of gratitude to assisted living facilities

When you consider the many ways that assisted living facilities contribute to the community, Chicago area residents, patients, and caregivers are grateful. Show some support and endorse assisted living by honoring National assisted living Week this September.

Family is forever, September 10-16

National assisted living week is slated every September, including the 9th through the 16th, and the theme for 2017 is ‘Family is Forever.’ The celebration commences with Grandparents’ Day, presenting the perfect opportunity for generations to engage and interact. Encourage family reunions and plan on some activities for grandchildren that are visiting their grandparent(s)- don’t forget four-legged family members, too! Pets are very therapeutic; ask local shelters and organizations about animal therapy to engage and delight seniors in assisted-living situations.Considering assisted living for yourself or someone you love? Contact Senior Living Experts for a comprehensive assessment and network of resources to find the perfect living situation that supports residents, while also helping them maintain their independence and autonomy. Take a tour, ask questions, and reach out for more information and insight into the best-fit and living situation for your senior.

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