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Over the years Mother's Day gifts can become more and more complicated. Mom's change and macaroni picture frames are no longer "acceptable" gifts; but you always want her day to be special.

Mother's Day Gift Ideas for Senior Moms

One of the biggest things to remember about most mom's is that it's truly not the gift that counts as much as it is the time you give them. Remember that each of these gifts depends upon the health and abilities of your mother, along with their cognizance level.

  • Pedicure/Manicure - A great gift for a mom either homebound or in senior living, you can bring a small bag or basket with everything you need for an informal and fun pedicure and/or manicure. A soft massage of lotion can be relaxing to mom or grandma's arthritic hands or feet, a soft buffing of the nails and light painting can make her feel extra special..
  • Snack Basket - You can combine both special treats that mom may not be able to get on her own (a favorite cookie or candy) and tuck these treats in with some fresh fruits, fruit cups, and other healthy snacks that she can easily eat.
  • Craft Basket - If your mom knits, crochets, or enjoys any type of craft you can put together a plastic container with a lid that's filled with yarn or patterns. There are other types of crafts that seniors can enjoy, depending upon their abilities also.
  • Anti-Skid Socks Craft - You and your mom or grandmother can create fun anti-skid socks together while visiting at a senior living facility. This idea is inexpensive, fun, and give you something to do during a visit.
  • Bathrobe - A new bathrobe can be a great gift for any senior staying in a nursing home or still living at home. Allowing them to feel comfortable and cozy, a bathrobe can be a great purchased gift.
  • Books & Magazines - If your loved one enjoys reading a book (large print if needed or add a magnifying glass to help with the smaller print) then a few books you think they'd enjoy is always a good idea. For those that used to enjoy reading look into audible books that they can enjoy someone else reading to them without the strain on the eyes.
  • Games - Books of word games and challenging mind games are always a great way to help keep their minds busy. Whether it's "Word Finds," "Crossword Puzzles" or "Maze Games" keeping their mind active is always a plus.

The Best Gift for Mother's Day

The best gift you can give anyone is the gift of time and for a mother that can mean a simple visit with a small gift of love. Mother's day gifts for elderly moms simply need to come from the heart; with the best gift being creating a memory of time together. Photo by ngocdai86 / Pixabay

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