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This is a short case study about one of our advisors (Kerry) helping a son and a mom who were both moving to Chicago from out of state.  (Names of the clients have been changed of course!)

"John called me one day in the early summer looking for help in finding senior living in the Chicago area. He was relocating back to Chicago from New Jersey and wanted his mom to move out to Chicago as well. She was currently living in a beautiful assisted living near him.  John had very little time to a find a new home for himself and his mom.

We took a day and visited five assisted living communities from the north up to Buffalo Grove and to the south, in the Glen Ellyn area. John decided on a community that day and needed to go back to New Jersey to let his mom look over the brochures and pictures we had collected for her.

It took a few more months to get his own move and mom's move all lined up.

But on November 9th, 2007, John's mom moved into a  beautiful senior living community and John is settled in as well. Our service helped someone who was not in touch with what Chicago had to offer as far as senior living. He also had very limited time. We were able to narrow down his search and tailor our visits to only the communities that would be a good fit for his mom."

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