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Caring for traumatic brain injury patients can be difficult, especially when family is trying to do it all alone. Senior Living Experts can help you find the right long term care facility that can offer expert care for the needs of those who have suffered from a traumatic brain injury (TBI).

Chicago Long-Term Care Facilities Can Help with Traumatic Brain Injury Patients

In most cases you will want to choose a memory care facility or at the very least a facility that specializes in TBIs. There are a number of reasons why choosing a long-term care facility is probably better for the family and the patient in most cases…

  • Accommodations – The average house is not built to accommodate the special needs of those who have physical and/or mental disabilities. With the proper guidance there are a number of long-term care facilities that are geared to the specific needs of traumatic brain injury patients.
  • Therapy – Most facilities offer on site therapy units that can help develop and strengthen problems associated with a TBI. Whether it’s memory & cognizance problems or strengthen & mobility issues (or all combined) they can address the issues with physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and in some cases access to aquatic therapy (highly recommended for seniors & especially for those who have mobility difficulties).
  • Treatment – Treatment for the symptoms and results of a TBI is important. Most facilities offer 24/7 access to professional medical staff and most likely a doctor who remains on call for the facility. Traumatic brain injury patients are not all the same and treatments are usually very specific to the needs of the patient.
  • Falls – Because falls are the leading reason for TBIs it can be expensive and sometimes nearly impossible to transform the average home of seniors into a living space that is as safe & accommodating as a long-term senior living facility. Falling once puts you at an increased risk of falling again; so placing them in living facilities that is geared towards reducing the risk of falls can help you have peace of mind.

Needless to say finding the right long-term care facility is important to both treatment and living a quality life after experiencing a TBI.

TBI Facts and Information

Traumatic brain injuries affect 1.5 million Americans according to the CDC. These numbers are most likely underestimated due to the number of ways TBIs occur and can also be associated with other medical problems.This information is meant to help you have a more complete understanding about TBIs and all facts and statistics are provided by the CDC unless otherwise noted.

  • TBIs are the leading cause of death & injury in the United States
  • 138 Americans die every day from injuries associated with traumatic brain injuries
  • 30% of all injury deaths are attributed to TBIs
  • TBI rates are highest in those age 65+
  • Falls account for the leading cause of death from TBIs in those 65+
  • The age group with the highest hospitalization rates for TBIs are those age 65 and over

Traumatic Brain Injury Patients Deserve Quality Living

The severity of the symptoms from TBIs can vary greatly. If you’re loved one has suffered a traumatic brain injury they deserve to live the best quality of life possible. We can help you find the long term living facility that best fits your needs and abilities to give them that life.Our team can help guide you in finding the facility that best fits the needs of traumatic brain injury patients while addressing all of the factors you feel are most important in providing quality of life for your loved one.Photo by geralt / Pixabay

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