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A major draw for seniors considering assisted living in Chicagoland is the fun and exciting programs these communities offer. Generally, seniors are encouraged to participate in exercise classes, parties, book clubs, and other social activities where they get to mingle and form friendships with other residents. All these can help improve their quality of life.

However, there is one thing that holds them back – privacy. Many seniors are apprehensive that assisted living communities may not grant their right to privacy. Privacy is important to the elderly population because they thrive better if their privacy is safeguarded. Do senior communities acknowledge the elderly’s right to privacy? Before you subscribe to any community it’s important to learn what services they offer and how they can protect the privacy of their residents.

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How Assisted Living Communities Preserve Privacy of Residents

Monitoring Residents

Assisted living communities are obliged to deliver a certain level of care to their residents to ensure their safety and wellness. To do that, residents are constantly provided with assistance on daily tasks, including medication monitoring and management and personal care, among others.

Despite the residents’ need for assistance, caregivers are cautious to safeguard the dignity and privacy of their residents. They do that by allowing seniors to decide for themselves based on their ability.

Right to Privacy Versus Social Isolation

Senior living communities understand the need for privacy, but they also make sure that the elderly doesn’t feel left out. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, older adults are at risk for loneliness and social isolation because they are more prone to contributing factors like the loss of family and friends, living alone, and being diagnosed with chronic illnesses.

When you take your loved ones to an assisted living community, you will have peace of mind knowing that caregivers are responsible for ensuring that their senior residents do not feel isolated while still maintaining their privacy.

These communities know that every senior resident has unique wants and needs, which is why they provide various customized services.

What Are the Ideal Ways to Treat Seniors?

Understanding the Need for Independence

Due to their age and increasing needs, seniors often feel that they are slowly losing their independence. Inevitably, this will leave them feeling discouraged. This is the reason why independence is such a big deal for them when they seek care in assisted living communities. When seniors are given opportunities to practice independence, they can do the following:

  • Create positive and meaningful relationships with the people around them. They’ll also feel confident when interacting socially with others.
  • Their memory skills are enhanced and sharpened. High activity levels will help boost blood flow to the brain, which in turn helps preserve their memory.
  • Practicing independence also helps them feel like an individual and maintain a sense of self.
  • Independence is a big deal for the elderly because it gives them a sense of purpose. With the independence they are given, they can set goals and achieve them.
  • Empowerment and self-control are also perks of practicing independence.
  • Independence also boosts balance and strength.

Senior Rights Explained

  • What are the rights of the residents living in assisted living communities? Residents have the right to keep and use their personal belongings as long as these do not interfere with other residents' safety, health, and rights.
  • Residents are also entitled to have private visits and receive personal phone calls.
  • They also have the privacy and the right to send and receive snail mail and emails.
  • The elderly may request to share a room with their spouse if they are both residents of the same community.
  • The resident must be notified if there is a change in room or roommate. Their preference must be considered.
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Different Levels of Privacy

The level of privacy depends on the kind of service subscribed to. It can also change based on the level of care being offered.

Independent Living

In an independent living community, you can expect an extensive array of services, programs, and amenities. Their social calendars are likely packed too. People who can manage to perform activities of daily living are a good fit for this type of living arrangement. It’s a community that promotes complete independence while sharing the same services and features as senior living facilities.  

Some of the amenities included are pools, cafes, fitness centers, libraries, gardens, theaters, outdoor walking paths, and recreation rooms. Housekeeping, transportation, and meal plans are also included. Privacy can be enjoyed since they’ll have their own space.

Memory Care

Memory care is a community that’s quite similar to assisted living. However, the program focuses more on activities for patients who have memory disorders. This service aims to provide a supportive and safe environment for dementia patients while encouraging them to still be able to perform activities of daily living.  

Assisted Living

Assisted living communities by offering personalized services so that residents can perform activities of daily living with ease. This type of community also provides social activities and events for all residents to keep them entertained and engaged.

However, residents are given the liberty to decide if they wish to participate in the said activities or retreat for some alone time. The assisted living community staff are obliged to help their residents with housekeeping, personal care, medication management, and whatever support or assistance the residents may need.

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Interested in Assisted Living in Chicagoland?

We at Senior Living Experts understand that choosing a community can be challenging and sometimes may even leave you overwhelmed with your options.

Our goal is to help guide you in making the best possible decision for your loved ones, and the best part is we offer it completely free of charge. Our expert advisor will gather relevant information by asking you about your preferred location, the needs of your loved ones and their budget.

Once we have your answers, we’ll narrow down your options and give you a list of communities that will fit your needs. Even if you have already found a new home for your loved ones, we will continue to check in to make sure everything is going smoothly. Contact one of our experts today if you want more information about assisted living communities and their amenities.

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