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It can be said, without much question, that one of the biggest fears when we are searching for a place for our senior loved ones to live and be cared for is elder abuse. Let Senior Living Experts help you make the right choice.

Elder Abuse Statistics

A recent study focused on the number of injuries and possible abuse cases that occurred in certain New York City facilities; deciphering the differences in those with special needs such as dementia care and the stages of their dementia. While the study was small it brought attention to the fact that elder abuse can and does happen.

  • According to StasticBrain 9.5% of the elderly will experience some type of abuse
  • Abuse is more prominent in those with dementia*
  • Abuse becomes more prevalent as dementia worsens*
  • Statistics may be grossly underestimated due to the difficulty of obtaining information and doing research on those with dementia; along with the probable hidden violations that go unreported.
  • Inability to communicate, impaired judgment, and the impaired memory of dementia patients makes them an exceptionally highly targeted group.
  • Less than 1% of those abused were recorded on the patient records in nursing homes*
  • According to the NCEA 47% of those in a research group who had dementia were abused by their caregivers.
  • Psychological abuse is the most common type of abuse seen among the elderly with dementia; with over 88% of those studied being abused psychologically.
  • Physical abuse affected nearly 20% of those in the 2010 NCEA Study of abuse of adults with dementia.

Elder Abuse Specifically in Nursing Care Facilities

Abuse can occur anywhere, but concerns are high when looking for the right facility to care for your loved one. Not only do you want to be sure that the facility can accommodate the needs of your loved one but you must be certain that they are as safe as possible.

  • According to statistics from NORS nearly 8% of complaints they addressed dealt with abuse
  • Abuse by caregivers and staff are not the only type of abuse experienced; as abuse by other residents of nursing care facilities has become noticeably more common*
  • Financial exploitation is another form of abuse that occur, even in nursing care facilities
  • According to StatisticBrain 36% of nursing homes have been in violation of elderly abuse laws

Let us help you find the safest place for you or your loved ones to live, without fear. There is no question if elder abuse occurs but when it occurs and where; using professionals to find the right home for your loved one can help you rest more easily.*NCEA Abuse of Adults with Dementia Photo by  JSchley / Pixabay

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