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It is very important for seniors to stay active, and Tai Chi is a great way for seniors to engage in exercise and practice deep breathing techniques. Our advisors at Senior Living Experts encourage seniors to practice this type of exercise, as it has several physical and mental health benefits.

What is Tai Chi?

Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese tradition that involves movement in a slow, focused manner. These exercise movements help with balance, flexibility, and stability. Each posture slowly moves into the next posture, so there is rarely a time when your body completely stops moving. It puts very little pressure on your muscles and joints, which is what makes this such a relaxing type of exercise. 

This type of exercise is mostly practiced while standing up. However, a chair can be used for support if needed. 

What are the physical health benefits of Tai Chi?

Practicing Tai Chi can result in multiple physical health benefits, especially for seniors. When practiced regularly, it can reduce knee, back, and shoulder pain. A 2016 study delves into this research, and talks about specific pain-related health conditions that may benefit from Tai Chi. 

For seniors, Tai Chi can help with stability and muscle control, including seniors with Parkinson’s Disease. This also results in a reduced risk of falling. A 2017 research study discusses a 50% reduced risk of falling, in older adults who practice Tai Chi regularly. 

As for people with cardiopulmonary conditions and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), Tai Chi might be a great option for exercise. A 2018 research study indicates that Tai Chi and Pulmonary Rehabilitation are equivalent in reducing symptoms of COPD.

Moreover, seniors may notice that they have a stronger core and improved strength overall. Immune function can also be improved from Tai Chi practice.

What are the mental health benefits of Tai Chi?

Tai Chi can help seniors with cognition in general. It can also improve their mood, ability to focus, and stress levels. Seniors who experience symptoms of anxiety and depression may experience reduced symptoms after regularly practicing Tai Chi. 

Additionally, it can teach seniors how to breathe correctly while moving their bodies. Breath work calms the brain, and is an easy way to reduce stress levels.

Get Started

All you need to get started with Tai Chi is an open room, comfortable clothes, and a chair for support, if needed. Check out this YouTube video for a beginner Tai Chi 6-minute video. Take 15-30 minutes out of your day to practice this type of exercise. It is comfortable, and results in a multitude of mental and physical health benefits!

Senior Living Experts can be reached at 771-213-7212, and the advisors will be happy to answer any questions about senior living! Visit our website at for more information.

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