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As we are battling the dog days of summer, make sure that you and your senior loved ones are beating the heat safely with these tips and tricks!

Tips for Beating the Heat Safely

Heat stroke affects those 50 and older more than any other age group. It’s important to keep seniors safe during the hot summer heat, so we're reminding you with these tips for beating the heat safely.

  • Stay Out of Direct Sunlight – The sun is hottest between 10am and 4pm so be sure to avoid the direct sunlight, especially during these hours! Heat stroke occurs when your core temperature rises above 105◦F.
  • Keep Hydrated – It’s important to stay hydrated with non-alcoholic beverages and water. This can be tricky when dealing with someone who has dementia because they are often unable to recognize signs of thirst and hunger.
  • Air Conditioning – The importance of being in a cool, air conditioned area when heat is extreme cannot be overstated! It is very common for seniors to have fears when living alone; keeping their house locked up tight and without proper circulation.
  • Proper Clothing – Wearing light, breathable clothing helps reduce your body heat; keeping you cool and comfortable.
  • Tepid Baths/Showers – Taking a tepid shower or bath, or even wiping down with a cool washcloth, can help keep your core temperature at safe levels during the heat.

Assisted Living Can Be Better for Beating the Heat Safely

There are a number of reasons why living in a senior care facility can be a better option for beating the heat safely.

  1. Constant Care/Surveillance – With senior living you can be sure that your loved one is always safe and in safe conditions under constant surveillance.
  2. Affordable Climate – It goes without saying that the cost of living has increased and with this increase we are finding it more and more difficult to afford keeping your home comfortable during extreme conditions. When you live in a senior care facility you are assured that conditions are comfortable and safe; without worrying about how to afford an excessive bill on a fixed income.
  3. Medical Attention – Being surrounded by professional staff helps to ensure that your loved one isn’t affected by extreme temperatures and that any problems with their health are attended to immediately.
  4. Healthy Diet – One of the battles of living alone as a senior is making sure you have healthy meals on a regular basis. Living in an assisted living facility can help ensure that your loved one is eating and drinking regularly.

Senior Living Experts can help you find a safe place for the seniors in your life so you don’t have to worry about weather extremes. Beating the heat safely isn’t a problem if you let us take care of you!Photo by stux / Pixabay

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