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Even though last week was National Assisted Living Week 2016 we’ve decided to continue the celebration another week by focusing on some ideas to keep connected. Let us help you choose the best way to enjoy your golden years happily and safely.

Keep Connected

The theme for this year’s National assisted living Week is “Keeping Connected” and we’d like to offer some ideas to help you keep connected with your senior loved one. These ideas can work for caregivers, family, and even friends.

  • Write a Journal – Spend time finding out about the life of the senior you want to keep connected with by asking them questions. The great part of this is that you get to hear an amazing history while literally writing their story for them. Letters, phone calls or personal visits can all be a way to sit with them and enjoy simply listening to the answers they have to questions you ask.
  • Where Did They Live – Find out where the senior lived and then take the time to prepare an updated view of where they grew up. Using different media you can share how the place they grew up looks so different now; even if they’re in the same town they grew up, it will be interesting to see the changes.
  • Teaching – Teach your senior something new and ask for the same in return. If you know how to text on a phone or video from an inexpensive perhaps you could teach them. They can teach you how to knit, sing, scrapbook, paint, play an instrument, or share some other talent they may have.
  • History Lesson – With age comes knowledge and that knowledge being shared is an important part of history. Spend one day a month or week, find the time, and ask them about important times in history and what they recall. (A great example: nearly every person who was old enough to remember when President John F. Kennedy was shot remembers where they were when they heard the news and has a story to share)

National Assisted Living Week

(Assisted Living Resources)

Assisted living resources are offered both on our website and around the web. Each of these resources is created with making your decisions about assisted living easier.

  • Understand the Types of Living Available – It’s important to not only know what types of living are available today but we help you understand each option. Your options and living styles are changing rapidly, so don’t be confused!
  • Talking to Your Loved One – Talking to your loved one about moving to assisted living facilities or living with assistance can be difficult. We covered the difficult task of talking to your loved one about choosing to move to assisted living in this blog.
  • The Cost of Assisted Living – It is our job to ensure that you are aware of every aspect of choosing the right type of housing for you or your senior loved one. Let us help you with understanding how much assisted living in the Chicago area can be.
  • Checklist – The assisted living Foundation of America (ALFA, now known as Argentum) offer this free, helpful PDF checklist for helping you choose the right place.
  • Questions to Ask – Argentum offers a 9 point program, created to help you ask the right questions when making some decisions about finding senior living. If you are in the Chicago area, we can help you with finding the perfect fit for senior living by knowing the answers to these questions before you even have to ask.

Senior Living Experts wants to make sure that you always stay connected with your senior loved ones and we can help. Photo by Brett VA

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