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Senior Living Experts prides itself as a means for seniors to find the best living style for senior independence. For some it can mean finding non-medical in home care; while others prefer assisted living facilities.

Our Process for Helping You

Our goal is to help you find the best option to fit your needs. As it is explained here focus is on many different areas; while trying to find the best way to keep seniors independent. Let’s compare in home care and assisted living.

What is Non-Medical Home Care for Seniors

Non-medical home care is sometimes referred to as caregiving, in home care, or home care assistance. The main points of this type of lifestyle are listed below.

  1. Non-medical Caregivers – Professionally trained individuals with various levels of skill they typically addresses helping with activities of daily living or ADLs. While monitoring your health and watching for any signs of trouble; they are not allowed to provide any medical attention unless it is for emergency purposes such as CPR.
  2. Training – Non-medical in home care providers are often certified in various skills. One of the most common types of certification is a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA). Most states require a certain level of certification and maintaining their skills with continued education in order to be utilized as professional CNA’s or in home care providers.
  3. Assessments – Thorough assessments are performed by professionals that can help you determine what ADLs you will need help with. They will also evaluate the level of independence you have in your current living situation to see what can be done to either help increase your abilities or assist you so that you have more independence.

What is Assisted Living for Seniors

In most cases assisted living is referring to living in senior facilities that offer various degrees of help to the residents.

  • Living Stylesassisted living comes in many styles; including apartments, rooms, long-term care facilities, short-term care facilities, dementia units and more. As we learn more and more about the importance of an active senior lifestyle we are also finding more ways to accommodate independent living in places designed to make senior life easier & safer.
  • Assistance – The type of assistance you receive is very dependent upon the facility you decide to live. The facilities will provide a list of the types of assistance they provide and in some cases these facilities may offer services as needed, priced out individually. Some may also determine that you can hire from their pool of medical and/or non-medical caregivers or hire a caregiver from outside of the facility.
  • Medical Care – Some assisted living facilities may offer skilled nursing units with the facility depending on the unit. Others may offer skilled nursing assistance at a separate cost. Medical treatment will also depend on the exact type of senior living facility you choose.

Senior IndependenceNon-Medical Home Care vs. Assisted Living

Senior Independence In Home Care vs Assisted Living

You can see our local average price listings for the Chicago area; but remember we can provide services beyond just Chicago.This listing provides average cost information for non-medical in home care services by state.This listing provides average cost information on assisted living by state.

National Senior Independence Month

National Senior Independence Month is a time to celebrate the options we now have as we age. Only you can decide what gives you the most independence, along with safety and affordability.Senior Living Experts is here to offer anyone free assistance in finding the best option for aging in the right place for you. We want seniors to not only embrace senior independence but understand the options available as you age well no matter where you choose to do it!Photo by brenkee (Pixabay)

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