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Timely article I found.  Having some issues with this in our business.  Some communities we work with are able to offer a bunch of move in incentives because of the amount of people they currently have living there. 

Some of the communities we work with are doing better than they were at the same time last year.  Our business has been up for 09 so I can understand.  These properties are less willing to "negotiate" or even give an incentive that they were able to offer last year.

So while I still think its good to ask what they can do - do not expect or assume that every property needs to offer the discounts.  Some of them are full enough (since assisted living is a need driven business.)

Here is a related article I found online "Demand for Assisted Living Limits Discounts, but Incentives Exist"

Not that I am trying to give my company a shameful plug, but it is nice to work with a senior placement referral service.  We are up on who has what offers, and our service is free, so that is a win win situation. But we aren't going to suggest you go with the one with the free month's rent if the other place really is a better fit for the type of care that you need.

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