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I've included links to Amazon along with their pricing, below each picture.  One book was written by the founder of one of my favorite sources here, New Old Age!  We'd love to hear your reviews on any of these books you've read.  Have a great weekend!


Suggested reading for anyone facing the challenges of caring for a loved one

by: Julie Kimball | from: AARP

Caring for a parent or spouse can be thankless, heartbreaking, uplifting, exhausting and fulfilling — often all at once.

The following authors, caregivers themselves, share their experiences in books filled with courage, raw emotion and no-holds-barred honesty (including some none-too-pretty scenes of caregiver meltdown). The common thread: Caring for someone you love may be the hardest work you'll ever tackle, but the rewards — love given, love returned — can be unexpectedly rich.


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