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I have some more information on the Idea House that will be at the AAHSA Meeting and Expo next week in Chicago.

Before I even get into all the cool technology and design, its work noting that sustainable design features are used throughout the house including: carpets made from post-consumer recycled content and furniture made from recycled plastic milk jugs.  Go green!

This 2,600 square foot home uses new technologies and design to make it possible for older adults to remain independent at home.  (And like I said before, home might be your independent living home right now...)

Here are some of the highlights I will be looking for and blogging about:

1. Automatic Medication Dispenser & Reminder - can help reduce health care costs and time needed to organize, remind, dispense and monitor.  Can also notify the pharmacy when a refill is needed.

2. Automatic Personal Emergency Response Systems - users critical events are monitored, reported and caregivers can be notified, and no one has to 'press a button'.

3. Temporary Robotic Limbs to Increase Strength - a wearable robotic suit designed to multiply a person's strength.  I could use one of these now or could actually start going to the gym... will be interested in seeing how the patient gets it on.  Could help stroke patients walk and help caregivers move individuals who need help.

4. Height-adjustable Bath and Kitchen Appliances - safe, efficient and comfortable for people with a wide range of mobility limitations - and can extend independent toilet use and abilities diminish.

5. Electronic Medical Records - tracks, monitors and transmits information about an individuals health to family, caregivers, doctors which allows for timely responses.  Can reduce health care costs over time.  (Who's not for that??)

6. Interactive Gaming System - no not the crazy video games the grandchildren are playing with!  We are talking speech therapy, email and radio programs through TV which everyone already knows how to use.  And we already know that seniors have taken to Wii like fish to water. 

7. Artificial Intelligent Robot - PARO is his name-o.  Designed to be used in hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living and schools as a substitute for live animal therapy.  Gotta find our more about this.  Like the Jetsons?  And we still love dogs.

Hoping that I may also get a chance to talk with someone from AAHSA or CAST (Center for Aging Services Technologies) or anyone involved with the design of the home to learn more.  Will keep you posted.

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