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It's important to keep our minds and bodies busy as we age, which is why we've decided to offer some springtime activities for seniors in today's blog! Keeping active helps us age with better quality of life.

Springtime Activities for Seniors

Not everyone can get outdoors and garden or enjoy physical activity in large amounts. However, being active includes both the mind and the body.

  1. Bubbles - Nothing can bring out the joy and laughter of life like a bottle of bubbles; whether you're a child or an adult! Sit out on a porch or even remain indoors as you blow bubbles and then try to catch them or see whose bubble goes the furthest, highest, etc.
  2. Egg Decorating - Here's twist on typical hard boiled eggs to decorate; use durable, unbreakable wooden eggs to paint with a crafting paint & brush. There are some fun egg decorating ideas that can be used on alternative types of eggs online.
  3. Balloons aka Senior Volleyball - Simply keeping a balloon up in the air is a game we've all enjoyed as a kid. Volley the ball among everyone in the room or challenge yourself to volleying the balloon from your left to your right hand while sitting.
  4. Audio Books - Audio books are an excellent way to let those who have always loved reading return to something from the past that they enjoyed, without struggling to read the pages or hold the book. One of the best ways to introduce audio books is to come in with your own book playing and tell them how much you enjoy listening to a book as you drive, do your housework, walk, etc.
  5. Yoga and Mediation for Seniors - Yoga is an excellent resource for seniors of various ages and physical abilities and often embraces meditation as a part of the experience.The Chicago Bridge offers an excellent article about how Yoga has inspired, helped, and increased quality of life to local Chicago area seniors; including a blog of comments by seniors on how Yoga has made their life better.
  6. Enjoying Outdoors - Something as simple as sitting outdoors once the air is warm enough can result in an amazing change of attitude. As many of us refer to it as "let's get the stink blown off" the reality is that after long, cold winters a bit of sunshine and fresh air is welcomed!
  7. Edible Crafting - Fun crafts using foods are not only fun but help those who once cooked or baked regularly feel like they made something "from the kitchen." Examples include:
  8. Cookie Cutter Pancakes - using pancakes and plastic cookie cutters
  9. Chocolate Dipping - carefully warmed chocolates can be used to dip items such as fruits, pretzels, or spoons and then decorate with sprinkles on a plate
  10. Planting - Re-purpose old boots or shoes as planters inside, using this tutorial as a guide for ideas.

Seniors deserve to have intent & purpose. assisted living and/or caregiving should always include springtime activities for seniors that inspire them to enjoy life.

Photo by Tabeajaichhalt / Pixabay

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