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March is National Healthy Sleep month. We’re going to focus on healthy sleep habits for seniors and how finding the right Chicago assisted living facility can encourage healthier sleep habits.Part of our purpose here at Senior Living Experts is not only to help seniors find living facilities that fit their needs; but to help seniors and their families learn be informed about issues that can focus on living a quality filled life.

Promoting Healthy Sleep Habits for Seniors

Our sleep needs change as we age. As infants sleep is constant; however, as adults our sleep needs become more stable. As we age we find that there are a number of reasons why healthy sleep habits for seniors are harder to come by:

  • Alzheimer’s – Common problems with sleep often occur in those with Alzheimer’s disease. Many become confused between days and nights, others wake often throughout the night, and many have anxiety that can keep them from a restful night’s sleep.
  • Medication – Often seniors face a number of ailments and diseases that require taking medication. The side effects of many medications can cause problems with sleep.
  • Improper Diet – There are a number of foods that can cause problems with your sleep, especially as we age. Spicy foods can cause heartburn or acid reflux at night. Caffeine is known to keep people awake and seniors often spend hours sipping cups of coffee throughout the day. Reader’s Digest offers this article on 16 Foods that Help You Sleep.
  • Inactivity – Being less active results in being less tired. This can often cause you to have problems falling asleep or staying asleep.
  • Chronic Pain – A number elderly suffer from aches and pains. Whether the pain is constant or intermittent pain can cause problems sleeping; often keeping one from falling asleep or waking one up throughout the night.

These are just a few reasons why seniors may have problems sleeping.

5 Ways Chicago Assisted Living Facilities Can Help Promote Healthy Sleep Habits for Seniors

  1. Special Memory Units – If your loved one has Alzheimer’s we can help you find memory units that specialize in caring for those with dementia and other symptoms of Alzheimer’s. When living in special units designed for those who have dementia (both non-Alzheimer’s & Alzheimer’s type) they can focus on keeping them active during the day to help avoid confusion between night and day.
  2. 24 Hour Nursing Staff – Some Chicago assisted living facilities offer a 24 hour nursing staff. While some medications are necessary & their side effects cannot be changed there is the ability for the nursing staff & sometimes facility physician to address sleep issues created by medication.
  3. Food Services – The ability to have meals prepared is one of the many specialty services that you can look for when deciding on a senior living facility. You can choose to remain somewhat independent by preparing some of their own meals or take advantage of a full meal service. The best part is meal services can help you get the nutrients needed to help encourage healthy sleep habits for seniors.
  4. Therapies – Many senior facilities have on site therapists to offer a variety of therapy sessions to residents; helping them to stay active and moving safely. The increased action is also beneficial in making you feel invigorated during the day while helping to increase tiredness at night.
  5. Pain Management – More and more senior living facilities are incorporating pain management into their care. This can include a number of non-pharmacological pain management techniques and therapies that can help decrease & manage pain better.

Make the Choice to Take Charge of Your Sleep Habits

Our free services can help you find the most comfortable types of senior living to fit your needs. Don’t worry about unhealthy sleep patterns and problems that make sleep evasive for you or your senior loved one. Contact us today to set up an appointment and help us make sure that you live a life that promotes healthy sleep habits for seniors.Photo by Neville Wootton Photography

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