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Your loved ones have reached an age where little gestures can have a great impact. Their livelihood and identity may feel restricted or lost within an assisted living community, which is something you can help remedy. Send your elderly friend or relative a care package that will provide warm greetings and let him or her know they are in your thoughts. Here are some care package ideas that will brighten the day of your loved one:

Fun Activities

While many assisted living communities provide residents with activities, they may not offer the games or recreation that your loved one enjoys. Create an activities package designed especially for her, that incorporates her personal interests and hobbies. For the artistic soul, assemble a basket that includes paint, brushes, paper or canvas, and a book of picturesque scenes that will inspire a work of art. For the senior who wants an escape through entertainment, create a package with his favorite movies that will suit the television and entertainment equipment he has in his room. If he doesn’t have his own television or DVD player, you could send him a tablet with downloads of the movies he enjoys.


Send a basket that has a bundle of seasonal specialties. During the winter, send a holiday basket that includes a cozy throw blanket, holiday treats, handmade gifts and photos of family and friends. Springtime is perfect for gifts like seasonal produce, Easter-themed gifts, and flower bulbs that can bloom on the windowsill. For summer, create a basket with photos of the beach, a handheld fan, sunglasses and dried exotic fruits, like mango and pineapple. Autumn is a time when you can provide your loved one with cozy slippers, pumpkin spice treats, and miniature pumpkins for festive decor.


Flowers are always a wonderful gift that will help your loved one brighten her room. The presence of plant life will increase the tranquility of her room and make it feel like a place of solace. You can send your loved one bouquets from FTD — a company with an online service that helps you create custom bouquets for delivery. There are a number of seasonal and special occasion bouquets that are available. Make sure you incorporate your loved one’s favorite flower, so the arrangement will feel more personalized.

Decadent Delights

Send your elderly friend or relative a basket full of goodies that will delight his senses. For the chocoholic, include drinking chocolate, a box of various truffles and maybe a humorous T-shirt that has the famous quote of “life is like a box of chocolates." If your friend enjoys French cuisine, send her a package that includes video of Julia Child’s television program, a baguette, cheese and some French wine. You can also create an edible arrangement for someone who is a healthy eater and may have dietary restrictions. The arrangements can be custom made for the particular dietary needs or preferences of the gift receiver.

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