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I thought it was time for another fun post.  Remember this one?  The AARP has some great lists in their personal growth section of their website!I also wanted to take a moment to express my thanks & gratitude for all that I'm learning through this blog.  All this makes me feel more connected to my very own Grandparents, Cecil & Lois, who live hundreds of miles away.  It's been way too long since I've seen them & they are the best Grandparents a girl could ask for.  This particluar post has me thinking of some advice my Grandma gave me when I saw a small girl & it makes me laugh to think about it.  She said, "take smaller bites."  It's funny because I still eat like there's no tomorrow.  I guess that's a product of being one of six children!  Anyways..  Have a wonderful weekend & may you  have fond memories of the advice you've given & received over the years.

And why our grown-up children would be wise to pay attention to these words of wisdom

by: Jacquelyn Mitchard | from: AARP Bulletin | October 14, 2011Although it's a cliché to say that Jewish moms are famous for advice, best-selling novelist Erica Jong (famous as a best-selling novelist but also the mother of a grown daughter) says, "Advice is what you ask for when you already know the answer and don't want to face it."

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