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I thought it was time for a fun post!  Now go ahead, SPLURGE!  Everyone can agree one of the best things in life to splurge when you can. Here's a list from the AARP of 13 reasonable splurges.Do you find anything you'd love in it?  What are your lifes little splurges?

Indulge in some of life's well-earned treats

by: Jacquelyn Mitchard | from: AARP Bulletin | November 4, 2011One of the kids asks, "What's the good thing about growing up?"There is one.It's a mixed blessing for sure, but the best part may be that you really have earned some of life's treats. You really are worth it, and you really do deserve it. For us, it's more than a marketing tool, it is truth, an axiom for the good life...

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