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Yesterday I was fortunate enough to visit a very special memory care unit.  The program focuses on women in the early to mid stages of dementia. The day is filled with purposeful programs that are especially meaningful to women.

The ladies made breakfast and invited some friends from the community in to share.  There was a lovely host, Dottie who made sure you were happy and not without food and drink.  The ladies peeled a lot of bags of oranges so we could enjoy some fresh squeezed juice in addition the the ham&cheese and chocolate croissants that they made.  I really shouldn't have but I had a chocolate one.

They figured that between all of them, they had over 1000 years of combined wisdom that they could share with the rest of us.  They picked their top 15 words to live by and I want to share them here as they are so special and right on!

1. If you don't succeed, try try again.
2. Be nice to everybody and help other people
3. Never say never
4. If you don't use it, you lose it!
5. You got to have faith
6. Find the right man
7. What goes around comes around
8. You don't hate people because they're a different color
9. It's not polite to point
10. Pray for everybody before yourself
11. Don't sass your mother back!
12. Have a good time, but don't do anything I wouldn't do
13. Always tell the truth
14. Have good behavior and be a good listener
15. Love everybody

I did not bring my camera, but I am hoping that someone does send a photo from the event that I can post up here. 

The ladies made the place cards and the thank you cards with the words of wisdom on them for each of us to take home.  They wrapped up the day by singing two songs for us.  It was truly an honor to be welcomed into their home.

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