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Brett Lomicky

Account Manager

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Brett Lomicky

Brett is an account manager with FOX Rehabilitation in the greater Chicago area serving much of the city limits extending to the Western and Southern suburbs. Brett began with FOX as an Exercise Physiologist working within senior living communities delivering 1:1 therapy and teaching group classes to older adults. These clinical experiences inspired Brett to continue helping the older adult population be stronger so they can live better longer.

FOX Rehabilitation, the leading provider of physical and occupational therapy, speech-language pathology and exercise physiology to older adults. Our practice was built on the foundation of Geriatric House Calls. Whether at home, in an apartment or in a senior living community, FOX clinicians bring evidence-based, clinically-excellent care to their patients - where they live. Our unique approach not only provides proactive treatment in the comfort of our patients’ homes, it also ensures they receive the level and length of care they deserve and results they desire – allowing them to achieve what they once thought impossible – optimal function to rehabilitate their lives.

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