SRES® Realtors

Making a large housing decision as a senior can be difficult, even if you have plenty of experience buying and selling. SRES® Realtors know exactly what seniors are looking for and are ready to use their expertise to assist with this life-changing step.

What is an SRES® Realtor?

An SRES® realtor is a realtor who has earned a special designation identifying them as an expert in downsizing, retirement, and other crucial aspects of senior living. For example, while many people move due to a job or change of scenery, a SRES® realtor understands the needs of senior homeowners, such as nearby doctor’s offices or hospitals.

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What Senior Living Experts Can Do for Your Family

We understand choosing a community can feel overwhelming. That is why we specialize in guiding you toward making the best possible decision for your loved ones–completely free of charge.

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